Unbelievable Serendipity... A True Story!

It was the 90's, and I had been absent from the horses for a number of years and at the time was President and Chief Executive Officer of a Hospital in British Columbia. While I did not have horses at the time, my previous experience with the Arabian Horses was well known throughout the hospital industry. Hence, one day the President of the Medical Staff asked if I would help her find a real good horse that she could just enjoy.

halgazal trot
Our Stallion, The Great Hal Gazal
I said that I would and made a few calls to visit some ranches along the west coast, one of which was Vantage Point Farms. On the day my wife and I were to leave, I was held up at the hospital and we were later than we had hoped leaving British Columbia to drive along the West Coast to visit the farms we had confirmed appointments with. We did not make it as far as we had hoped that day and we started looking for a place to stay for the night when I spotted this Arabian Horse Farm and pulled into the gate. Arrangements were made for the following morning to see their horses. My pass to see the horses was having been the previous owner of *Hal Gazal. I had purchased him from Toic Halberg and with Ted Gibson on the line had taken him to U.S. National Top 10 twice. One year at the Nationals the agony was unbearable when *Hal Gazal's number was 1010 and as a result was the tenth horse called out. He actually ranked third in points.

The entrance to this surreal experience lead us down a winding road on 300 acres with many beautiful Arabians. The hospitality was fabulous throughout the morning followed by a mysterious Jeep ride to a pasture on a hill with the Host. The Host stopped and said, 'these are our old granddams'. We went over the fence and walked into the pasture and I feasted my eyes on four of the most beautiful Polish mares in the world.

Feeling as though I was on Holy Ground, I was captivated by one of the most breathtaking moments of my life. The words came out as natural as her beauty and I exclaimed Bufa! The Host replied, yes...she wears the hood to keep the flies away and she is blind. The last time I saw Bufa was at Mike Nichols. I had seen Bufa many times when we visited the Halbergs and therefore knew her as well as anyone could as she was such an independent mare. Instantly, and uncharacteristic of Bufa, she walked over and nestled her muzzle into my jacket under my arm, as if to say, Hi old friend. I stood and cried as did my wife and other observers. In the field with her was her extraordinary sister Busola.

I remember that moment as if it were yesterday. Every step Bufa took towards me linked a distant past with an unbeknownst exciting future with the Arabian Horse!

    ~ Ken White




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