Our Past, Present and Future is Established by Our Exquisite Mares

By Beth Ellen Hunziker

The SistersWho is richest? Is it the person with hundreds of horses they do not know, who never ventures to touch or look into their horses’ eyes? Or, is it the person with only a few horses, creatures of exquisite beauty that nicker softly when they hear their master’s voice; they know their master’s touch and regard the world with innocent trust because they are treated with loving kindness?

Arabian Horse Futures is a small select breeding enterprise owned by Ken and Joann White and Ken’s daughter, Tracy White. Ken has been involved with Arabian horses for more than 30 years. He can relate stories and personal experiences he has enjoyed with some of the greatest Arabian horses in the breed. Over the years, Ken has studied pedigrees and thousands of individuals to define his ideal of the perfect Arabian horse. The Arabian Horse Futures breeding program is dedicated to creating Ken’s ideal of beauty, which includes classic, exotic Arabian type, a loving spirit, powerful movement, and athletic ability.

One of life’s greatest joys for Ken White is spending time with his Arabian horses. Another is sharing this passion with his family. Ken’s daughter Tracy has grown up with Arabian horses and her love and appreciation for them runs deep in her heart. She is every bit as dedicated, and knowledgeable about their horses as her father. They share ideas and work together in selecting just the right stallions for their beloved mares, who are the foundation of their breeding program. The White’s mares do not wear neckbands with numbers and never will. Each mare is a personal favorite and treated as an individual with a unique identity.

A philosophy that has been practiced among the most successful breeding programs throughout the history of the Arabian breed proves the fundamental importance of the role of the Arabian mare. Following in the footsteps of great breeders of the past, the foundation of the Arabian Horse Futures breeding program is based upon a small, elite group of mares. These mares were individually selected for their exceptional beauty and classic type, as well as the strength of their pedigrees, which include bloodlines proven to consistently produce the highest quality offspring. Each mare is evaluated to assess her strengths and where improvements might be made. The Whites believe progress can only be achieved by honest evaluation - regardless of their personal feelings for their mares.

The Stallions

Some of the stallions utilized by AHF

AHF does not stand a stallion. The Whites have found great success in selecting stallions they believe will enhance and strengthen the qualities of each individual mare. They always look for stallions with exceptional quality and extreme type. They study the pedigrees and production records of the stallion and its ancestors; and make their breeding decisions based on these criteria. The Whites are not encumbered by geographical boundaries. They believe in utilizing the very best stallions in the world, wherever they may reside. The results prove the merit of their efforts.

The Whites are firm believers in the potential of the mares they have collected. Breeding Arabian horses is as much an art as it is a science. It requires a discerning eye and an analytical mind. It also requires patience and a certain amount of faith or belief in the infinite possibilities that can be achieved. In 2010, the Whites had their two young mares, the full sisters, Aria Elita and Aria Jamina bred to two of the leading sires in the country. Elita was bred to six-time National Champion DA Valentino and Jamina was bred to National Champion Stallion Dakharo. Each of the mares produced two embryos. The expected foals were so highly anticipated that both of Elita’s unborn foals were purchased shortly before their 2011 due date. The moment Elita’s foals were born, one filly and one colt, their extreme quality was immediately apparent! Shortly afterward, Jamina’s foals arrived - another set of full brother and sister - sired by Dakharo. They were breathtaking. Almost a year later, the foals show true star quality!
The White’s beautiful mare Madonna VF (Psymadre x Donna El Jamaal by Ali Jamaal) also produced a spectacular black colt by DA Valentino; Don El Valentino. Madonna VF is proving to be an excellent producer. Her 2010 filly, Marwans Madonna, by Marwan Al Shaqab, is an excellent representative of her sire and dam.

RS VallerinaThe Whites are looking forward to the 2012 foaling and breeding season. Elita is carrying a foal by *Jullyen El Jamaal, Jamina is carrying a foal by the Marwan son, WH York; and Madonna is in foal to Justify, the sire of Aria Elita and Aria Jamina. Breeding plans for the sisters include the stallions Stival, Trussardi and *ZT Marwteyn for each of the mares. The beautiful RS Vallerina (DA Valentino x Misaahbi by Mishaah), will be bred to *ZT Marwteyn - it will be her first foal.

The White family is very excited about the future of their breeding program. They have worked hard to build a strong foundation and they acknowledge the help they have had along the way from friends and mentors Bob and Janene Boggs of Midwest Station I. Bob and Janene are internationally respected breeders with over 30 years of experience in the Arabian horse industry and are entrusted with the care and management of several of the White’s beloved mares including Elita, Jamina, Madonna VF, and their offspring owned by AHF.
In addition to assisting the Whites with mare management, Bob and Janene, and the staff of Midwest Station I, have been instrumental in marketing the horses bred and/or acquired by Arabian Horse Futures. The handsome young stallion Marwan S Debut (Marwan Al Shaqab x Thee Paris Debut by Thee Desperado) was recently exported to the Middle East; and the lovely filly Marjjana VA (Marwan Al Shaqab x Mi Khismet by Khemosabi), was sold to Slivatica Black Arabians of Poland.

With an exquisite collection of mares, a selection of world-class stallions, beautiful babies, and new foals on the way, the future surely looks bright for Ken and Joanne White, Tracy White and her family, as well as the magnificent horses of Arabian Horse Futures!




KEN & JOANNE WHITE: 416-564-7123      TRACY WHITE - CELL: 218-390-0102